Our School

Our mission 

Flexible learning 

Students will be appropriately challenged and find learning to be enjoyable.

Family Connections

Families will feel connected and valued.


We will serve children and families from diverse backgrounds. 

Child Centered Learning 

All children will know how much they are loved and how to use their gifts to bless others. 

Our students

Our curriculum

We take curriculum seriously! We want to make sure that all children are challenged appropriately while they spend time at A Home For School.

You can choose to send your child with the curriculum you use at home, or you can depend on us to provide all of the curriculum. We like parent choice!

Learners at our school will have access to the following content:


A Home For School will NOT be a school of record for the 23-24 school year. Families enrolled with us must be a registered as a homeschooling family or have their children enrolled in an online school. We will work with families to teach core subjects and assist them with lesson planning and documentation. Families enrolled in public school are welcome to join us during aftercare hours!